1. Payment for our top tier 4-week package is £420 and this includes 3 personal training sessions per week. Payment for our middle tier 4-week package is £320 and this includes 2 personal training sessions per week.  Payment for our bottom tier 4-week package is £180 and this includes 1 personal training sessions per week.

  2. Payment for each 4-week package is  taken monthly via direct debit.

  3. Direct Debits are taken as part of a rolling monthly contract , which can be cancelled at any time. However, you will be required to inform your trainer of your desire to cancel before the next monthly payment is processed. 

  4. Every effort will be made by us to offer regular session times.   However, booking of time slots may be on a first come first serve basis.

  5. All sessions purchased must be used up within 4-weeks of the package purchase date. 

  6. One to one personal training sessions will last a minimum of 50 minutes. If you are late for a session, this time will be deducted from your session. If our trainer is late for a session this time will be made up at a mutually convenient time, but not necessarily during that  specific session.

  7. Previously purchased & booked 1:1 personal training sessions cannot be cancelled/refunded.  However, all holders of a valid 4-week package are entitled to postpone 1 session free of charge.  Once your postponement entitlements are used up 24 hours’ notice is required to postpone a session and a £20 forfeit fee may be charged. Any sessions postponed with less than 24 hours’ notice may be forfeited completely.

  8. Following session postponements, re-bookings of session time slots will be on a first come first serve basis.

  9. Your nutritionist will provide you with a monthly report of the previous months dietary logs. Your nutritionist aims to send this report within 2 working days of receiving your dietary logs. However, due to the individuality of each client’s needs it is possible that this process can take longer.

  10. Because no food shopping, food preparation or cooking will be carried out by your nutritionist, you accept full responsibility for ensuring your meals are allergen free.

  11. You will be required to keep your trainer/nutritionist informed of any changes to your medical condition that may affect your exercise programme/dietary advice.


Thank you for reading. Please check the relevant box to show you both fully understand and accept the Sci-Di / Health Habitat terms and conditions.