Hi, I’m Elliott the nutritionist / PERSONAL TRAINER behind Health Habitat.


I can remember vividly how confused I used to feel about what to eat and how to train!  Perhaps that's why I've been a go-to TRAINER for exercise newbies since 2016.  My 1st Class Honours degree in Nutrition ensures I’m well equipped to provide evidence-based solutions over fads and gimmicks.  So, my clients consistently see their desired fat-loss / muscle-growth results.  


On a more PERSONAL level, I'm big into arts and crafts.  If, like me, you believe colourful cocktails and craft beers fall into that bracket!  Food is also a big passion of mine.  My dream travel itinerary is inspired by cooking documentaries.  Of course, all the aforementioned are best shared with friends and family.  Well almost all… my food is shared begrudgingly!


Since graduating from university, I've had a clear goal in mind.  I want to spread my knowledge and empower others through my passion for coaching.  I'm proud to have created such a service in Health Habitat.  Given the opportunity, I can't wait to help instil the balance that leads to a fitter, healthier, happier you.