Hi, I’m Elliott the baby-faced but ever balding (pushing 30), PERSONAL TRAINER here at Health Habitat.


Since 2016, I've been a TRAINER to gym enthusiasts & exercise newbies (possibly as confused about fitness as I used to be!).  My science degree makes me well equipped to provide sustainable, evidence-based solutions over fads and gimmicks. This approach ensures my clients consistently see their efforts render results.


On a more PERSONAL level, I'm big into arts & crafts. If like me, you believe colourful cocktails & craft beers fall into that bracket. Food is also a big passion of mine. My dream travel itinerary is inspired by cooking documentaries. Of course, all the aforementioned are best shared with friends & family. Well almost all. My food would be shared begrudgingly.


Since graduating from my degree in nutrition I've had a clear goal in mind.  I want to spread my knowledge and empower others through my passion for coaching.  I'm proud to have created such a service in Health Habitat.  Given the opportunity, I can't wait to help instil the balance that leads to a fitter, healthier, happier you.


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Exercise Professional Brighton & Hove