A one to one Personal Training service with an emphasis on teaching you nutrition skills. 

Nutritionist in Brighton & Hove
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Exercise alone does not guarantee you results.  We can't have that!  So, we fix the food bit too.



Continuous online nutrition support via the app.

  • Full access to our extensive meal/snack planner - Make nutritious, tasty, calorie counted meals with ease!  Just follow our simple 4 step process. 

  • ​Receive a monthly report on your diet -  Overtime this process will enable you to make ’wise’ diet choices autonomously and that is the ultimate goal! 

  • Have a go at making your own recipes. Upload them on to the app and we will review them in mind of your goals and give you feedback accordingly. 

  • Anytime access to your Nutritionist/Trainer, for advice/support/questions - With a maximum 24-hour reply time.

All charges included are for the health habitat online nutritionists weekly support and additional content sent to you via the app, only. The online app is invitation only but not owned by or associated with health habitat.  Use of the app without your nutritionists expert advice/ additional content is free of charge.



No big block bookings or long term contracts here. We've aimed to make our payment packages as convenient as possible, whilst never tying you down for too long.  After all, it is our mission to provide you with a service that will enable you to one day 'fly the PT nest'.  

Weekly Visit = £160 Every 4 Weeks

This package includes one 1:1 PT session per week as well as one months continuous online nutrition support. 

Bi-Weekly Visit = £300 Every 4 Weeks

This package includes two 1:1 PT sessions per week as well as one months continuous online nutrition support. 

Tri-Weekly Visit = £420 Every 4 Weeks

This package includes three 1:1 PT sessions per week as well as one months continuous online nutrition support. 

Bespoke Payment Packages and Student Concessions  = £POA

Enquire now for a free taster session / consultation. 

All of our personal training sessions are delivered from Brighton & Hove, East Sussex UK.